Start your own clothing brand

Start your own clothing brand

Below are our 9-steps plan to get your clothing business up and running. Having a list will help you to understand your plan and guides you from your starting point.


1. Choose your niche

Starting a clothing business should be a personal adventure. You’re probably an imaginative individual, with something to offer in a quick-moving industry. It’s conceivable that you’ve detected a hole in the market, or have a unique plan for a specific target audience. Whatever your motivation for starting up a clothing brand business, It’s vital to know your niche from day one. Are you planning to create one product? Could it be a specific style that you have as a top priority for your clothing line, or you want to only target men and women for a specific cause? It can also be a clothing business for premature baby accessories. Know your niche and understand it. In case your business expands in the future and decided to introduce other designs, your initial idea gives you heritage, a guiding principle, and a reason to be remembered.

2. Write your business plan

If this is a small idea and testing yourself on a small scale, you might not need a complete business plan to start with. However, if your ideas take off then it is always good to have a backup plan in the background. Also remember, the fashion industry is very difficult. Your plans should be adaptable and there is no assurance, so you’ll be up for the test.

3. Budget

When you start your clothing brand, it is very important to keep things simple for the first few months. The best way is to start with one of your favorite design e.g your logo on T-Shirts or Hoodies, it is much easier than starting off with lots of product catalogue. Be smart with your spending. Firstly, you will need to know whether you plan to design your clothes yourself or with garments manufacturer, or perhaps buy clothes at wholesale price. Either way begins little. Secondly, If you are not a designer then look into your contact to see if anyone can recommend you to a designer/or invest in basic equipment.

4. Be organised

Be organise and know what you want. Starting up a clothing brand business will require your time and commitment. In the event that you’re investing effort and have objectives for the future, write down your ideas and plans:

Your locations

How will your clothing brand business works?

Who is in charge?


5. Your designs

For any clothing brand business, one of the foremost energizing stages in product development. There are tools that you could use to create designs. Programs like Illustrator can help you with all the hard work.

6. Your Brand

If you already have experience in the fashion industry, you’re likely to be creative. This will stand you in great stead for building up a clothing brand business. Be sure that all your designs should have a deep meaning and personal story attached to them. What message are you trying to portrait with your designs? Who are you targeting?

7. Manufacturing

Research and look for a manufacturer that best suits your style and your ideas. Get in touch with any of your contacts for advice or recommendations. The manufacturing is an essential part of clothing business, regardless of the size, so spend plenty of time looking for the right one. After you decided, try and print one or two for a test. This will allow you to make adjustments and improvements with your print manufacturer.

8. Test your product

The best way to test your clothing brand is to let your friends/family wear them before you launch them. This is a great way for you to collect feedback for your product.

9. Market your product

Below is some list to consider on how to market your products;

          Prices per product

          Brand Awareness

          Create a website




          Return Policies

          Terms and Condition

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